Through Project Care, we can provide our missionaries funds in case of emergencies for their health sake and other important needs. We pray that we could at least lessen if not eradicate their burdens day to day so they can focus on what they are greatly burdened for. Know that as you give to missions, you are giving to the Lord and His laborers who as well share their lives and resources so the Gospel will continue to be preached for the salvation of the lost.

Thailand Missions

Are you going to just be a pastor and do something else? Or go somewhere else and serve the Lord? Are you going to leave when all the work in your own locality or country is already finished? If we are going to wait until it's finished, then we can never go to another place because the work will never be finished.

Cambodia Missions

In my heart, since God called me, His presence will go with me.

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As you know, since 2017, we have been conducting a national missions congress every other year (first was in Iloilo City and the second was last July 2019 in Tagum City) and we wish to not miss it this 2021. However, since strict lockdowns have been implemented throughout the country, we decided to hold the 3rd NMC virtually with the theme Digital World Missions. 

This year's theme was coined as inspiration from the late Rev. Arleen Fidel's message during the 2nd NMC last July 2019 entitled, When Missions Goes Digital. After less than a year, pandemic happened and he went home to be with our Lord March of 2020. His message seemed to be an introduction of the reality of a virtual world we are now living.  

Basically, this would be the thrust of what we envision NMC 3 would be. It is to challenge more Christians to tarry Jesus' coming and the end times by staying committed to the Great Commission, especially because Asia, being dominated with third world countries have very limited access to excellent medical aid, technology and economically, have honestly been struggling. We also acknowledge how rapid tragedies after tragedies are happening around the world. We may be miles distant from each other but when rocket bombings in Israel occurred, the Christian community once again was shaken but unshaken in our faith in God.   

In addition, majority of churches who mostly are our mission work partners and supporters also have their own share of adjustments in coping with the advancement of this temporal world while staying true and steadfast in proclaiming the Ancient Word. Also, after more than a year now, we observed and personally experienced how this pandemic affected our pastors, missionaries and the church as a whole mentally / psychologically, emotionally above all, spiritually. Majority if not all have in one point were exhausted with the dynamics of church gatherings, ministry, mission and growth. 

Hence, we pray that through the 3rd National Missions Congress, we encourage believers to keep on doing missions in this digital age through emphasis still in the area of Prayer, Giving, Caring for the lost and the laborers & Going as called missionaries to Asia & the rest of the world even in a non-conventional / non-traditional approach. Because the Lord's work did not end. We need only to adapt and utilize the available tools and resources set already for us in this advancing world. 

We are honored to hear from God's humble servants from all over the globe for PABWE's 1st Virtual National Missions Congress but we also encourage each one to sign up for zoom webinars to be hosted on August 3&4 as preliminaries for the 3rd NMC on 6th to 8th. Lecturers will be tackling on various topics on evangelism, discipleship, church growth and missions the new normal way.

Brethren, let us continue on making disciples of all the nations through digital world missions!

$ 60

Donation Amount

The mission field needs stronger workforce in accomplishing the task God entrusted to every Christian.

There are certain strategic ministries you can involve in such as: teaching the English language, offering piano and guitar lessons, assisting in medical missions and counselling mostly the youth. You may go on a short-term mission trip or apply as full-time PABWE missionary.

Whichever, our missionaries in the field will be delighted of you joining the team in evangelizing and discipling Asians for the furtherance of the gospel & above all, for the glory of God.

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