Who are qualified to apply as PABWE missionary?

  • Those converted by the saving grace of Jesus Christ,
  • Committed in sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ,
  • Called of going to serve Christ to foreign countries and;
  • Commissioned by your Home Church to go to foreign missions

Is deputation necessary?

  • The purposes of deputation are:
  •  To reveal your testimony of calling for foreign missions
  •  To recruit prayer partners to intercede for you
  • To raise financial support needed for you to go
  • To remind our local Churches to consider global missions

Can I still be sent as missionary even if I desire to go to a different mission field (not in Thailand or Cambodia)?

  • The mission and vision of PABWE is ASIA and the rest of the world.
  • You can go to other countries wherever the Lord leads you.
  • The PABWE Board will suggest other countries opened for you.
  • You can inquire from our present missionaries about opened doors for missions.