A Call to Serve

By Dinah G. Fiji

I heard the voice

Amidst the noise,

Simple and clear,

Specific to hear.

You don’t need details.

Just go the Master said,

Trust, obey and serve.

In paths I do not know?

In places filled with woe?

Going to where laborers are few?

Would I climb a mountain?

Will it be across the sea?

The Master just said,

Just go there for Me.

People are dying of sin,

The lost needs Jesus the Savior of men,

They are everywhere.

I need servants who care,

I need laborers who will dare,

Will you serve so they will hear?

Will you go so they will know,

I will be with you.

The mission field is full of danger,

I will give you the shade and shelter.

The harvest field is wide and far,

My presence is there even in a war.

As you step in faith the details will unravel,

As you obey, you’ll not cease to marvel,
Of small things that thrill,

Of huge victories that will appear.

A soul saved, souls saved,

Knowing personally the Saviour died for their sin

That He lives and is coming again

Because you obeyed the call to serve,

Your labor is not in vain.