Cambodia Team Goes On Amidst Pandemic

By: Rogil Apostol, Cambodia Team Chairman

We’ve been hearing about COVID-19 since December. It was still the mysterious Corona Virus back then. The whole world is watching China but no one was ever ready to face this virus. It was late February, when Cambodia had its first COVID-19 case. And on March 17, the government announced, NO CLASS for all levels and NO CHURCH gatherings are allowed. 

When reality finally sank in, panic and worries struck. Yes, we must admit that we have felt all those emotions as well. As a team, we knew that we are each other’s strength. We strive to ensure everyone’s safety and security physically, emotionally and spiritually. Before COVID-19 crisis, we took time to travel far from our stations to meet. Thus, the dilemma during the pandemic was how to keep it. We thank God for technology. We began to have regular times of fellowships and encouragement online beginning March 22 from Mondays thru Fridays until now.  

We then were able to check for one another because of online devotions, sharing time, receiving encouragement from one another, prayer, and testimonies. These regular meetings made us closer as a team.   

PABWE Cambodia Team Goes On Amidst Pandemic. 

  • Cornerstone Church, Phnom Penh headed by Pastor Rogil Apostol started their online worship services and small group discipleship ministries and continued ministries in the outreaches. 

  • Preah Yessu Baptist Church - Poipet with Ms. Lyla Alejandro launched their live streaming every evening at 8-9, Mondays thru Fridays for Bible Study led by Pastor Chamraen. 

  • Pastor Saveoun of Preah Yessu Baptist Church - Kienswey started a live streaming worship service also every Sunday; and in constant online communication with Mrs. Iluminda Bibiolata who is now in the Philippines. 

  • The Legacy School Staff and Saving Grace Fellowship with Ma’am Elvie continue to reach out to the villagers who are in need of food. 

  • Currently, Pastor and Mrs. Ely Haligado are now in the Philippines and constantly monitoring Preah Yessu Baptist Church - Bavet online through Pastor Ury. 

  • Cham Chao Learning Center headed by Pastor and Mrs. Ron Edralin in Cham Chao, Phnom Penh continues their online classes. 

  • The rest of the Cambodia team was able to establish a close communication with supporting churches and individuals. 

Cambodia is one of the blessed countries to record 125 cases only with no death casualties among 16,000 individuals that were tested as of June 3, 2020. There are only two COVID-19 positive patients left as of today and the rest recovered. 

As of this time, the church gatherings are allowed up to 10 individuals. The number of participants is still limited, so online ministries continue for the safety of everyone. Schools are still closed.  

The ministries and finance aspect were greatly affected. The churches’ schools were not able to generate income. The income of the churches is also affected but God is faithful in providing all our needs abundantly. As of now, Cambodia is slowly going back to the “new normal”. People are back to “business as usual”. 

When we work, we work. When we pray, God works. - Hudson Taylor