The CHRIST in this time of CRISIS

We're half-way down for this year yet our work is never done despite the new normal we are trying to cope with. The last 3 months felt like the longest summer vacation we all may have ever had. We were caught unaware, no one was ever prepared that a certain virus will make 2020 more challenging. Maybe, at some point, we were robbed with freedom to live the 'normal' life we used to have and do the usual routines. We are stuck in our homes with no console and certainty of when all this shall pass. Yet when we try to look beyond our current situation and by spending more time in seeking God's plans in this, we will definitely have a wider view of opportunities to proclaim Christ.

Who is Christ in this crisis? Do we actually represent Him well during this trying times? I hope so. Because the lost needs His love more than anything. Because our leaders needs His wisdom. Because everyone needs His grace. So, Christians, when you think that the world has stopped because we were locked down inside our homes, it did not. Living continues and dying is inevitable. So, who are we living for everyday? Are the people and priorities we live for everyday worth dying for? Because if it does not, then we can start re-aligning it towards God's heart that has always been beating for those who have never heard and accepted the gospel.

And while some parts of the country are still in Enhanced Community Quarantine especially in the National Capital Region, yet God never fails to provide through the commitment of our partners. Up to now, churches in NCR, Cebu and Laguna are not yet allowed to gather collectively for worship every Sunday but only by God's grace, that we persevere in doing His work through utilizing technology. Everything can actually already be done online and as a missions agency, PABWE has been doing its best to keep up with the trend for us to keep on sending and supporting our missionaries who are continually working in Thailand and Cambodia as well as those who are waiting for God's perfect time for them to finally head to Myanmar and Papua New Guinea and even those who are on leave due to health reasons and others, on deputation.

God's mission should never be placed aside especially during this pandemic. Today is the best time to toil more for the expansion of the Lord's Kingdom. The more must we tarry His soon coming. The more must we anticipate the glorious blessedness of heaven and eternity.

These trials are incontestably concrete moments that remind us of our true citizenship especially when we already are enjoying the temporal joys this world offers. Yet these joys are nothing compared to the eternal hope we have in God, same as these trials are nothing compared to the eternal damnation of those who never knew Him because Christ's ambassadors failed to faithfully carry on the great commission to the world.

It is true. We may feel limited this time. But it should never limit God's empowerment in your life as you continue to fulfill the Lord's mission for you as a called missionary, financial supporter and prayer warrior. As we embrace the new normal for the rest of the year, may we even be more productive in using these platforms to evangelize, disciple and be lovingly mindful of others just how Christ did it.

Jesus Christ may have lived in a dissimilar kind of scenario during His ministry on earth, it was not coronavirus, but we can learn how He remained focus to His mission of obeying the Father's will to redeem His people and was never distracted despite various oppositions and testings.

That is what we can follow from Christ in this time of crisis. Be the Christians God wanted us to be in this time of crisis.